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Housing Law

Our housing lawyers protect and preserve human rights, which often include rights beyond housing

It is more important than winning or losing, our talented team pride themselves in delivering the best possible outcome for every client.

Striving to change the law to remedy discrimination and inequality, our mission is to challenge unlawful actions wherever they arise, in homelessness, possession claims and private sector housing.

We believe that having a safe and secure home is a fundamental basic right which, if threatened, can negatively impact on all other aspects of a person’s life, such as their health, relationships, education and livelihood. Our housing team will passionately fight your case and have a reputation for working relentlessly in the pursuit of justice.

We can help you with

Will advise you as to the funding available to you including:

  • Legal aid
  • Private
  • Conditional Fee Agreement
  • Fixed Fee
  • Experienced and compassionate lawyers. Firm ranked in legal 500
  • Highly ranked housing lawyers in chambers
  • Firm with number of nominations for awards for achievement
  • Lawyers always pushing the boundaries to achieve the best outcome

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GT Stewart has established itself as a leading firm in the UK for criminal, housing, mental health and family law, specialising in private cases and also Legal Aid work.

We pride ourselves on regular referrals from other firms and agencies

We are known for our tenacity when representing those engaged in challenging the State or defending themselves against a prosecution.

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