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Melanie Krudy

Director and Higher Court Advocate
020 8299 6000

Melanie Krudy has been practising in the criminal courts for over 20 years.

Melanie attends the magistrates’ court to represent clients but much of her time is spent representing clients whose cases are being heard at the Crown Court. She represents clients under private fee agreements and those who are funded under the legal aid schemes.

Melanie has a formidable reputation in fearlessly defending her clients and obtaining acquittals.

She has excellent cross examination skills and is able to ensure that her clients’ cases are robustly and fearlessly defended.

Melanie recognises the importance of working with her clients and knows that their views and instructions are crucial to the successful outcome of any case. She is an excellent communicator and is able to quickly analyse and assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case and from there to assess a defence strategy.

Melanie defends those charged with criminal offences across the spectrum from minor public order offences to sexual offences and other serious offences of fraud and violence.

Melanie’s more recent cases include:

  • Obtaining bail for a young defendant originally charged with murder for whom she obtained bail at the first hearing and who she subsequently defended successfully at trial
  • Successfully defending a man of good character charged with serious sexual offences
  • Successfully obtaining suspended sentence orders for clients charged with high value fraud offences.
  • Persuading the court of appeal to quash the conviction of a soldier who had been convicted of serious firearms offences
  • Persuading the court of appeal to reduce sentences of appellants whose sentences were manifestly excessive

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