“every employee matters”

It is easy to write a strapline to sum up our ethos – every client matters – but hard to make sure everyone believes in it.

There may be times when you think we have not lived up to our word so please let us know and we promise to look at it seriously and discuss any issues with you – we want clients – present and past – to believe it to.

It also helps to get positive feedback when a case is over so please take time to complete our client surveys as they give us the adrenaline to keep going when fighting for our clients.

When replying, please tick your response to the following 5 questions and then answer questions 6-9 with any comments you wish to add.

Key – Questions 1-5

1 = Very Dissatisfied
2 = Dissatisfied
3 = Satisfied
4 = Very Satisfied

1. How satisfied were you with our overall level of service?

2. Did we give you advice that was clear and easy to understand?

3. Did we give you advice and information that was easy to understand?

4. Did we keep you updated with the progress of your case?

5. Were you satisfied with the work that we did on your case

6. Would you be prepared to recommend us to somebody else?

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