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Youth Crime

We are experts in representing young people that face criminal charges

We are specialists at representing young people at the police station, Youth Court and Crown Court

At GT Stewart, we believe that representing children and young people caught up in the criminal justice system is one of the most important things we do. We understand that it requires particular knowledge and expertise. We have a dedicated team of youth lawyers who have specialised in this area and who are committed to getting the best possible result for their young clients wherever they are representing them.  We want to ensure that any mistakes made when they are young do not affect them adversely later in life.

Greg Stewart, the principal solicitor at the firm, is a recognised expert in representing young people and is a member of the Law Society Criminal Law Committee, with specific responsibility for Youth Justice. As a consequence of his knowledge and experience in this area, Greg was asked to give oral evidence to both the Carlile inquiry into youth justice and the Lord Taylor review of youth justice. He is also an advisory board member at the Youth Justice and Legal Centre.

The head of the Youth Department is solicitor Mel Stooks who has been representing young people since she qualified in 1998. Mel has a particular expertise in representing vulnerable young defendants and the firm is on the National Autistic Society (NAS) list of recommended solicitors. She contributed to the Rook Working Group for Advocacy Training which produced the Advocacy and the Vulnerable Training programme.

There is a highly experienced youth lawyer in each of our offices who deals with a wide range of offences from criminal damage to murder. At every stage, we try to ensure that the young client understands what is happening and is able to fully participate in their defence. In addition to advocacy in criminal proceedings, we have successfully challenged decisions to prosecute and decisions to disclose information on an enhanced DBS certificate. We oppose applications to impose Criminal Behaviour Orders and applications for Gang Injunctions.

We run workshops and surgeries at Youth Clubs educating young people about their rights. We also provide training for appropriate adults so that they are empowered to actively assist their young person at the police station and during the court process.

We have links with Just for Kids Law, London Youth and Young Futures charities.

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